8 Instagram Technology Accounts to Follow

Today’s technological advancements are astounding, and there’s no better place for those who love all-things tech to connect than Instagram. The platform itself is a technological wonder with targeted advertisements and traffic, artificial intelligence capabilities, and easily trackable Instagram insights on desktop or mobile.

There are dozens of top-rated technology accounts worth following on Instagram, the perfect place to keep up with the latest tech news, connect with others of similar interests, and find new accounts worth following. If you haven’t already, you might consider following these eight top-rated accounts as well.

1. @nvidiaai

There’s no denying that artificial intelligence is infiltrating every industry we know. It’s solving real-world problems, shaping the future, and making technology a lot more fun. Nvidia AI is an up-and-coming Instagram page worth following.

The account features quotes and stories from top data scientists and AI experts from all over the world. You’ll also get the latest news updates in the industry, including devices, software, apps, and other tech that’s breaking barriers in the industry.

2. @madewithcode

The tech industry is very much a man’s world. You can argue that more women are entering the industry and some of the largest tech companies in the world have women at the head, (which is awesome) but the fact remains that only 20 percent of all tech jobs throughout the world are held by women.

We need more encouragement for women in this industry, which makes Made with Code such a great account. It’s meant to encourage women in technology as well as attract more females into the industry. When viewing the page daily, you’ll see women making phenomenal achievements through coding.

Best of all, this account isn’t cut and dry like many techie accounts. It’s upbeat, beautifully designed, and aimed at young minds. Made with Code actually formed a recent partnership with Teen Vogue to target high school and college-aged girls who might be interested in a tech career.

3. @talkwidtech

The goals of Talk WiD Tech is to simplify tech topics for both tech enthusiasts and those with a casual interest. They have a popular publication site filled with handy articles, how-tos, and news reports to keep their followers in the know.

Their Instagram account is the real star of their online presence. They feature videos and photos of cutting-edge technology, scientific phenomena, experiments, and discoveries. They make tech topics accessible to pretty much anyone, and their content is regularly forwarded and shared across multiple social channels because it’s so cool.

4. @techbyguff

With more than 314,000 followers, Guff is a leader in the social realm of tech. On their profile, you can follow a link to their publication website where you can read countless articles on any tech subject imaginable.

On Instagram, you’ll be privy to scientific tidbits in the form of a captioned photo. They share news reports and stories using a relevant image with a text overlay explaining something new and exciting going on in the world.

This Instagram account is easy for anyone to enjoy simply because you don’t have to stop in your scroll to see what it’s all about, but you can easily tap to learn more on their website.

5. @ronald_vanloon

Ronald van Loon’s Instagram account is relatively small with just 7,000 followers, but it’s growing rapidly based on his insightful content according to his Instagram analytics. His goal is to help companies utilize data science, the internet of things, big data, and AI to maximize their success in any industry.

His regular Instagram accounts detail cutting-edge news, interviews he’s had with professionals, technology conferences, new software and technologies, and more. You can watch videos, connect with his Stories, and read his insightful posts detailing the best parts of the tech industry.

6. @sirajraval

Siraj Raval is the founder of School of AI in San Franscisco, California. The purpose of his company is to educate the world on anything AI at no cost. He boasts that School of AI is the largest AI community in the world, including the 13.5K Instagram followers on his account.

Siraj uses his daily Instagram feed, Stories, and other content to share his top insights, tips, and tricks for the AI world. He publishes new studies, news reports, and information about the latest tools and software in the industry.

He also offers one-on-one time to some followers to teach them more about the power of AI, so they can use it to grow their business. His well-meaning mission is a huge support to the world of artificial intelligence.

7. @gadgetflow

Gadget Flow has a large, tech-savvy followings on Instagram with 230,000 followers. Their website receives about 10 million visits per month, which is a product discovery platform. They scour the web looking for the best tech products, and bring them to their website to help others find them before purchasing them.

Their Instagram account is successful just because it features some pretty awesome products. They post high-quality images and videos of the coolest tech gadgets out there, from smart home hubs to electronic pet toys. You can find pretty much anything you’re looking for on their Instagram account, introducing you to a world of incredible gadgets.

8. @futurism

Technology is the future, and there’s no better place to see it take shape than on the Instagram account for Futurism. They have 1.1 million followers who log on every single day to see what technological, scientific, and computer intelligent discoveries are currently taking place.

When you follow them, you’ll learn about things like the first 3D printed human heart, wild theories about the purpose of life, electromagnetic stimuli for the brain, and so much more. It’s astounding what scientists and technologists have developed, and you’ll get a front row seat to their discoveries when following this account.

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